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MÖNCH - Behind The Name

MÖNCH - Behind The Name

A question we always get asked is "how do you pronounce Mönch?" Well to answer that we think its best we explain where exactly the name Mönch came from....

By no means was Mönch a word we created, when Mönch Watch Company was founded its co-founders shared the same passion for mountaineering as they did for exquisite timepieces. A discussion over our accomplished summits led to a common peak being shared. Located in Switzland, Mönch stands at 4110 metres above sea level. This iconic peak is renowned by the mountaineering community not only for its trio of peaks with stunning views over looking the Aletsch Glacier but for many it holds a sentimental value of a first big mountain climbing experience. 

At the time we didn't know it but Mönch would become a brand which resembled our true passion. Our idea to incorporates the escape to the mountains and appetite for adventure with the hustle of every day life became a reality when the first Mönch watch was released to the market. 

 How We Did It 

The Logo 

It was important for us to find a way to incorporate the mountains with our logo. By overlapping the "M" for Mönch it created a distinctive 3 peak mountain outline which resembles the 3 peaks, Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau. 

The Dials 

The release of the Summit Series was one that really resonated with the brand. The white dial with black features on the sub dials, hands, and markers was designed to resemble the snow covered peaks with the glimpse of rock faces. Accompanying this is our Arctic Dial with its distinct polar bear engraving. Named for the harsh environment which only the true adventurer dared to explore this stunning stand out tone is known as our signature piece. 

The Explorers Collection 

A key addition to the brands collection was the rubber strap. Comfort is always important in mountaineering, ensuring that the gear is correctly suited to you just like your timepiece should be. We took the same philosophy and applied it to our collection. Designed for every day use, sport and comfort the Mönch rubber collection quickly became a favourite for many. The stylish design combined with the comfort of the rubber strap makes this selection of watches the best all rounder. 


The Answer

Now... to go back to the original question! "how do you pronounce Mönch?" Well there are numerous pronunciations however, at Mönch we pronounce it with two syllables broken down to "Mon" and "k"


Our Mission 

Our brand is built for the like minded people who find enjoyment where ever they are. We always want to hear from our customers so please reach out to us on Instagram @monchwatches and share your adventures! 

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